2010-11-29 Ozone Plasma, Alternative to PTI Plasma Block

Join The Ozone Revolution!

Why is Ozone PlasmaBlock the Most Intelligent, Advanced Choice For Your New Ozone Generator?

Because, Clearly it Represents Revolution in Ozone Generator Manufacturing.

Ozone Generator Revelution, Ozone Plasma

A conversation I had with a customer that may shock you

  • Highest Ozone Plasma Concentration Available on the Air-Cooled Ozone Generator Market 5-16% w-w, puts your company with the leaders in ozone generator manufacturing, ideal for water treatment systems, high ozone transfer efficiency - easy to dissolve, saves money, when building ozone water treatment system on recirculation pumps and mass transfer reactors, virtually no off gas.

  • Low Oxygen Requirement 2-3 slpm for 1 ppd of ozone saves money on oxygen concentrator (you will need a much smaller one). All OzonePlasma Blocks, are oxygen fed.

  • High Pressure Range 10-120 PSIG working pressure, save on ozone booster & its maintenance. 20-80 PSIG variable pressure model are available now. Ideal for soil remediation applications or where steady oxygen pressure in unachievable.

  • PCOP System - Pressure Compensated Ozone Production System (see specifications for details)* save money less down time in case of pressure fluctuations.

  • Air Cooled, works well at up to +40C, no need to pay for water, water conditioning & air conditioning systems

  • The Most Compact in The Industry 14" x 15"x 7" Only! - saves valuable space and allows your generator to be very compact.

  • Light Weight 32 lb Ideal for mobile systems, carts & save on shipping

  • No Maintenance, no serviceable parts, leak proof construction tested at up to 150 PSIG, reliable, less operating cost. Anticipated service life of OzonePlasma Blocks, at 24/7 is 15 - 20 years, which strengthens your company reputation and brings more business.

  • Free Technical Support Our Knowledgeable engineers will help you:

    • Size and select correct OzonePlasma Block for your application

    • Design a great performing ozone generator, utilizing technological advantages of the OzonePlasma Block.

    • Integrate OzonePlasma Blocks in to your existing enclosure

    • Interface OzonePlasma Blocks with your existing control system

    • Design an effective ozone system for your application

    • Install, commission, optimize and use ozone generating system, with superior performance.

  • 5 Years Warranty & "Right on Spec" Performance Warranty, The only warranty that Guarantees performance, in the ozone industry

  • If You Are Running out Of Time, with your project, to help you, we will offer you an ozone generator assembled in one of our standard enclosures, with your company private label at a great price. To see our standard enclosures please visit our Home Page

  • To See How Your Ozone Generator, Which Built With OzonePlasma Engine, Will Save Money for you and your customers, please visit Ozone-Generator website.

  •  Constant R&D performed by our scientists and engineers, will provide your company, with the best and most technologically advanced ozone engine, for your generator.

Our Job is complete, only when our OzonePlasma Block works successfully in your ozone application.



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